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Valcourt Masonry trim arched VA11TA

Valcourt Masonry trim arched VA11TA

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Dare to imagine the most impressive fireplace, respectful of the environment! Exceptionally large, the Frontenac is not only a noble hotel located in the heart of Quebec City; it is also the largest fireplace of the Valcourt line. This sumptuous model has a guillotine glass door and fire screen that simply disappear under the hearth, to easily feed the fire and enjoy the view of the flames.

Using advanced technology to reduce particulate emissions, the FP11 qualifies for Phase II of the EPA's voluntary program; 70% cleaner than non-qualified decorative wood fireplaces, the Frontenac will bring elegance, without compromising on air quality.


  • Exceptionally large
  • 70% cleaner than non-qualified
  • Without compromising on air quality

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