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Valcourt Hot air gravity kit – traditional AC01375

Valcourt Hot air gravity kit – traditional AC01375

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Traditional Style Hot Air Gravity Distribution Kit allows you to heat other parts of the home directly above the Ventis fireplace. The kit includes 2 grills, 2 - 90 degree elbows and 6 steel brackets with hardware and fasteners. The minimum height of the hot air duct is 68" and the max length of the hot air ducts must not exceed 10'. The hot air ducts must maintain a 2" clearance to combustible material when passing through a wall or floor. The higher you install the grills above the fireplace the more draw and heat will be generated. 8" duct (not included) is required to complete the installation.


  • Hot air gravity kit
  • Traditional and Modern style appearance
  • Designed for use with Ventis wood fireplaces.

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