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Valcourt 60" Washed Cedar Non-Combustible Mantel AC02780

Valcourt 60" Washed Cedar Non-Combustible Mantel AC02780

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  • Read all instructions before mounting or using the mantel.
  • Use the mantel only for its intended use as described in these instructions.
  • DO NOT OVERLOAD MANTEL: The maximum load for all 60 inch mantels is 150lbs. The maximum load for all 72 inch mantels is 180lbs.
  • Mantel "supercast" material meets non combustibility standards in accordance with ASTM E136.
  • WARNING: Combustible objects placed on or around the mantel must meet your fireplace manufacturer's requirements for clearances to combustibles.
  • IMPORTANT: The fasteners supplied with this furnishing are intended for use in standard wood stud walls or 16 gauge metal stud walls only. Minimum wall stud size required is 2"x 4", with drywall or finished wall surface ranging from 1½" to ¼" thick. For all other mounting surfaces, use appropriate fasteners as specified by local building codes or other jurisdiction. For mounting to other wall types; if you are at all unsure of the correct fastening method,


  • Maximum load for all 72 inch mantels is 180lbs
  • Standard wood stud walls
  • Specified by local building codes

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